The Marketing Course


In this course on MARKETING, you will learn:

• How to remove all the wrong ways of thinking about marketing (that lawyers are led to believe and that hold them back) and develop the right marketing mindset, so your business thrives!

• The 7 Key Components of Effective Marketing that you can apply to any marketing piece or technique - - that actually ensure measurable results!

• How to put the proper referral system in place, so you consistently generate new clients from your existing ones, from other professionals, and even from your own employees!

• How to utilize low-cost (or even no-cost) marketing so you can immediately build your client base and fund a reserve for other types of future marketing

• Why seminar marketing - - both to consumers and referral sources - - is NOT dead and why, if you’re not doing seminars, you’re actually costing yourself more time and money!

• How to do seminars so you not only get more qualified leads to come, but actually book them on your calendar right there!

• Several incredible ways to produce continuing revenue from your client base - - without a client maintenance plan!

• One unique marketing technique that alone can quadruple the income generated by your practice (and, like the others taught, has been tested and proven to work for many years!)

• Other huge, overlooked marketing approaches that tap into goldmines of potential new business!

• How to utilize satellite (or other “local”) offices to expand your target market and get more business - - in a way that is quick and easy, without much start up money

• How to best use the internet, including your website and social media, so they actually drive new clients to you every month!

• And much, much more you never learned in law school or in any continuing education course!


Your registration to the MARKETING course includes the following:

• An instructional video with Executive Director, Kristina Schneider, on how to use the program and get the most out of your Ultimate Level experience

• Access to “The Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Attorneys Make”, which includes over 3.5 hours of engaging lecture by nationally renowned estate planning attorney, Philip Kavesh

• A 27-page outline to follow along and help you throughout the training program

• Over 25 exhibits, which include practical tools and reports for you to use right away in your practice (included in modifiable format, where available)

• A very helpful implementation session at the conclusion of the program to help you prioritize what you've learned and put together an immediate action plan


Past attendees who registered for our original 2-day live event (that also included a lecture on building your Business Infrastructure) paid up to $2,495 to attend the program.  However, to gain access to this powerful course, you will only pay just $995.

Do you think that with even one idea that you take away from this MARKETING training that you could get one more client in the door or to engage you?  Of course you could!  And the rest that you make will be pure profit!  And, you will walk away with lots more than just one more idea and way get more than one client from what you learn from this course.

Also, don't forget about our 100% money-back guarantee!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  So, ACT NOW and register for this course!

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