Stressed Out Trying to
Run Your Own Law Practice?

(Or Struggling to Take It to the Next Level?)

Would Your Practice (and Quality of Life)
Be Better Off If...

• You could get the right kind of people coming in as clients and enough of them on a regular and consistent basis?

• Once you had the clients in the door, you got their estate planning documents out the door efficiently and in a timely manner (and without working ridiculous hours)?

• You had one, or two, or more associate attorneys to actually help take some of the pressure off of you? (And knew how to compensate associates so they will be motivated to stick around for the long haul!)

• You had a support team of administrative staff that were not only working efficiently together, but were incentivized and motivated to help the firm, as a whole, be successful and profitable?

• You had a tested and proven system to better service your existing clients and bring in more revenue from them (instead of always having to hunt for new clients to cover your overhead)?

• You were doing just the tasks that you love to do and that are the highest and most effective use of your time? (Just ask yourself, are you still managing your own calendar?  Are you still checking and returning all of your phone messages, mail and e-mail?  Well, you shouldn’t be!)

• You had the freedom to take more time off to spend with your family and loved ones and, with the profits you consistently take home from your firm, you could travel the world or do the things you’ve always wanted to do?

• You were working towards an end in mind, with a feasible exit strategy to leave the practice one day, rather than seeing all of your blood, sweat, tears and years that you’ve spent developing your law practice go to waste?

All of these things can be a reality for you and not just a dream.

Here are some examples of what you will learn in the course on...


• How to see your practice for what it really is - - a business!

• How to build (or tweak) each piece of your law practice, starting with a clear “blueprint” in mind, so someday soon you have an exit strategy in place to make the most out of all your years of hard work!

• How to hire and train the right associate attorneys and support staff so you have a winning team of people to help take your practice where you want it to go!

• How to use base compensation and bonus systems (for both associate attorneys AND support staff!) that incentivize and motivate them and, more importantly, keep them happy so they won’t want to leave!

• How to establish an efficient communication system so you reduce interruptions, increase productivity and provide the necessary amount of leadership and guidance to your team

• How to set up appropriate accountability systems to make sure everyone is working effectively towards the same end goal

• How to set your fee schedule so you not only stay competitive, but you also continue to make profits and get paid for what you do!

• How to structure your calendar to maximize the highest and best use of your time for your firm, while doing the tasks you love!

• How to set up internal financial reports so you are always on top of how you’re doing and can make adjustments mid-month instead of having to unexpectedly put money into your practice or cut your salary at the end of the month!

• And much, much more!

Here are some examples of what you will learn in the course on...


• How to remove all the wrong ways of thinking about marketing (that lawyers are led to believe and that hold them back) and develop the right marketing mindset, so your business thrives!

• The 7 Key Components of Effective Marketing that you can apply to any marketing piece or technique - - that actually ensure measurable results!

• How to put the proper referral system in place, so you consistently generate new clients from your existing ones, from other professionals, and even from your own employees!

• How to utilize low-cost (or even no-cost) marketing so you can immediately build your client base and fund a reserve for other types of future marketing

• Why seminar marketing - - both to consumers and referral sources - - is NOT dead and why, if you’re not doing seminars, you’re actually costing yourself more time and money!

• How to do seminars so you not only get more qualified leads to come, but actually book them on your calendar right there!

• Several incredible ways to produce continuing revenue from your client base - - without a client maintenance plan!

• One unique marketing technique that alone can quadruple the income generated by your practice (and, like the others taught, has been tested and proven to work for many years!)

• Other huge, overlooked marketing approaches that tap into goldmines of potential new business!

• How to utilize satellite (or other “local”) offices to expand your target market and get more business - - in a way that is quick and easy, without much start up money

• How to best use the internet, including your website and social media, so they actually drive new clients to you every month!

• And much, much more you never learned in law school or in any continuing education course!


Past Ultimate LevelTM attendees have paid up to $2,495 to attend this unique training program.  However, since we can avoid the costs of hosting a live event, we are making this same program available to you now at the special discounted rates of:


Includes: 3 hours of lecture covering all 10 topics, a 25-page outline and 53 accompanying exhibits (over 100 additional pages), modifiable forms and reports to use right away in your practice, Q&A, plus an implementation session to help you put together a custom action plan. 


Includes: 3.5 hours of lecture covering all 10 topics, a 27-page outline and 25 accompanying exhibits, modifiable forms and reports to use right away in your practice, Q&A, plus an implementation session to help you put together a custom action plan. 


Includes: 6.5 hours of lecture covering all 20 topics, written outlines totaling over 50 pages, 78 accompanying exhibits totaling over 200 pages, modifiable forms and reports to use right in your, practice, Q&A, plus a detailed, step-by-step implementation session to help you put together a custom action plan.

Do you think that you could get one or two more clients, estate plans out the door, more days off, and a much more enjoyable estate planning practice and life as a result of learning all of this?  What is that worth to you?  Certainly more than the registration fee!

Still Aren't Sure If It's Worth It?

That’s okay.  You’re considering an important investment of your time and money.

Take a look at what just a few previous attendees - - your fellow attorney colleagues - - have said about our Ultimate LevelTM program. 


Also, keep in mind, nothing in this program is a “guess” as to what works, or is stuff that used to work, or is merely “generic” information you could read about elsewhere.  It has all been time-tested and proven to work, and still does in a successful estate planning practice today!

Let's recap just a few of the awesome benefits of
The Ultimate LevelTM program...

• You will be exposed to a wide variety of proven, breakthrough practice-building and marketing ideas that you may never be exposed to elsewhere or come up with on your own!

• You will shorten the time necessary to get your practice to the next level!

• Your future success will cost you a lot less money and stress!

• You can avoid trial and error, and learn using “OPM” (other peoples’ mistakes)!

• You will gain a clear roadmap of what you want your law practice to be, set specific goals, and hold yourself and your staff accountable to achieve them!

• You will make more money!

• You will improve the quality of your life by taking more time off for vacations, hobbies and your family!

• You will finally start achieving your personal dreams, goals and desires and get the law practice you’ve always wanted!

Your next step is the most important one!

The choice is now yours.  You can continue to do what you’re already doing - - and continue to receive the same results (or worse) - - or you can decide that you are going to make a change!  After all, what’s the use of running if you’re on the wrong path?

If You Act Now, We'll "Sweeten" the Offer!

For a limited time, when you register for BOTH the Business Infrastructure and Marketing Courses, you will not only get all 20 video presentations with accompanying outlines and implementation materials, you will also receive these 2 FREE bonuses!

BONUS #1:  A Complimentary 30-minute One-on-One Coaching Call with Phil’s own personal business coach - - to help you get past any particular challenges you may be having in your practice and help further kick-start you to the best estate planning practice you’ve ever dreamed of! 

BONUS #2: A downloadable 31-Page eBook entitled, "How to Successfully Market an Estate Planning Practice" (a $495 value!)

But, you need to register right away, because this special offer is only available for a limited time!

Also, keep in mind, nothing in this program is a “guess” as to what works, or is stuff that used to work, or is merely “generic” information you could read about elsewhere.  It has all been time-tested and proven to work, and still does in a successful estate planning practice today!

Still Not Ready?

Okay, Here's Our Bottom-Line, "No-Lose" Proposition...

We believe in this program so much that we are happy to offer you a money-back guarantee and place the risk entirely on us. 

If you are currently a licensed and practicing estate planning attorney and you watch and listen to the entire program (all ten topics in each course you register for) and you feel that this program isn’t worth every single penny that you paid, you can request a full money-back refund within 90 days from the date you registered.  In addition to a refund of the money you paid, you will get to keep the outlines, your notes, all of the exhibits and implementation tools and free bonuses!


Are you ready for a life-changing experience?

Isn’t it about time you earned the income you deserve and also had more time off to enjoy it?  Be prepared for over 6 hours of the most exciting training of your life!  Be sure to register right away before it’s too late and these discounted rates and bonuses are gone!

Still Not Convinced or Have Questions?

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